"Very good! Kaitlyn gave me a lot of info, I felt that she really connected with me.Understood me and the situation, showed compassion also.Thank you.I am glad I called."

Susan 1/2019


"Had few readings with Kaitlin and wow she is a super psychic. Blew me away with readings. Lovely to read with."

Jim 11/2018


"Kaitlyn and her cards are GENIUS! I was upset. She encouraged me to fight an injustice and that the outcome would be positive. I followed her guidance and the situation reversed! THANK YOU KAITLYN!"

Jen 10/2018


"Thank you Kaitlyn, I really appreciated how quick, efficient and compassionate my reading was with you with zero hesitation. You clearly care about people. You really helped me today, thank you!"

Louisa 8/2018


"I read with this lovely lady once and her predictions are on point. If you want accurate and dead on predictions please read with her. You will not be disappointed."

Kao 7/2018


"I'm soo glad I received a reading from Kaitlyn she knew things that only a gifted reader would be able to see about a loved one I look forward to telling you of good news for him & me!! Gratitude!!"

Elizabeth 4/2018

"I told her my situation. She gave me very specific details of what was to come. IT HAPPENED exactly how she explained it. Looks like I won't go to any other psychic :)"

Nancy 3/2018

​"Kaitlyn is amazing!! Connected immediately; understood my concerns and addressed my issues! She is awesome! Will definitely be calling her back. Thank you! :)))"

Anne Marie 3/2018

"Excellent. Very insightful and did not need any words from me. She picked on my situation quickly. Thank you!!"

Deeva 12/2017

"Once again Kaitlyn you picked up on everything you are truly amazing and such a lovely person, thank you so so much!"

Teresa 9/2017

"Thank you Kaitlyn you are always so patient, understanding and consistent and manage to help me see things better and with a sense of humor that is so needed! I would highly recommend Kaitlyn to you!

Zoe 7/2017

"She read me so well on my current circumstances and gave clarity of my doubts. She nailed my reading and everything she said was really happening in my life. The reading was incredible. Will call again!"

Desiree 6/2017

"Loved her energy and sense of humor. She tuned right into me and was spot on about the men in my life. Lifted me up immensely. I will call again! "


Sharon 5/2017

"Kaitlyn is one of my go tos. She quickly tunes in and gets straight to the point. She has a sense of humor too, which I like. Will call again. Thanks Kaitlyn!"

Sinead 5/2017

"Kaitlyn told me in four minutes all I wanted to know and she nailed it! I had nothing to say. She is simply AMAZING!"

Lucie 3/2017

"Kaitlyn picked up on my situation perfectly without me having to say much. She provided valuable insight into my future journey. Looking forward to a wonderful 2017!

Eve 12/2016


"Sheer delight! Kaitlyn is astrologically in tune and psychically connected! Very inspiring! Exceptional knowledge of planetary aspects and the tarot! Wonderful reader for seekers and students!"

Jennifer 11/2016


"Gifted and very honest!"

Maharanie 10/2016


"Kaitlyn is very direct and doesn't hold back. She is real. Love her style. Everything happened today as you said it would. Great result. Thank you Kaitlyn x"

Sinead 9/2016


"Thanks you so much, very clear reading, you have put my mind and heart at ease a bit more, very accurate, you are amazing :) God bless"

Filomina 9/2016

"WOW! MIND-BLOWING! AWESOME! Not enough adjectives for the experience! Astrology and tarot! Kaitlyn is FANTASTIC! What a reader!"

Jennifer 8/2016


"Exceptional - tells you the story warts and all! And is accurate - not dramatic....5 stars!"

E. 8/2016


"Kaitlyn thanks so much for the reading today you brought my worst fears in my marriage to rest I can go on with faith that things will work out. You are a Godsend."

Nancy 7/2016

"Kaitlyn you are unbelievable. Amazing Thank You I truly enjoyed all of my readings with you a pleasure.. ❤"

Mary 7/2016


"Such a lovely lady with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for a reassuring reading and your guidance too."

Jigna 6/2016


"Kaitlyn is amazing and helped me through all the questions and concerns that worried me .She is a blessing. I wish I found her before but I am so happy to find her today .She is a very true and gifted"

Karen 6/2016

"Very warm and helpful. Picked up on my issue right away. Didn't take much time; she went right to the solution. She also gave insightful info on my pet."

Jack 6/2016

Kaitlyn can pick up on my situation immediately with accuracy and I will definitely call back!!

Lena 5/2016

Very, very accurate! I have trust in what she said. I strongly recommend!

Craig  5/2016

Extremely accurate reader! Quite profound in her knowledge of astrology and tarot. Wonderfully gifted! Highly recommend. Thank you!

Jennifer 5/2016

She was point on!

Erica  5/2016

She's so good!

BG  5/2016

Miss Kaitlyn sweet and simple.

Yuksel  5/2016

Prediction happened during reading!


Laura 4/2016

Great Reading!

Starry 3/2016

Great reading! Very helpful! Thank you.

Leah 3/2016